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Earths Brand Ambassadors

The linear system of branding/marketing/packaging is broken. In 2022 we started Eco Branding to serve companies from around Africa. Our Ecommerce Eco Product Store was born from the desire to live without negative impact and support responsible packaging & consumption. Reducing waste in people's daily lives. Focusing on people and planet first above all else. Educating companies on alternative digital ethical brand strategies.

The biggest marketing scam was diverting responsibility of pollution onto the everyday citizen to distract from the greenwashing big polluters and extractive industries. Although we are aware of this scam,  we believe that every company and individual can change their current processes and make an impact. Companies big or small. And with the number of products requested from companies it is critical for us all to move away from irresponsible marketing collateral, and always consider the full product life cycle. Especially in terms of design, manufacturing and waste. 


Only 10% of waste is recycled in South Africa and all trash lands back in landfills. Basically, we are running out of space for waste disposal. To counter this, we ensure recycling actually takes place, by personally recycling any brand materials brought in by customers. Most issues around recycling comes from the way products are designed and issues around separation. To counter this issue, we ensure we don't create products that will end up in landfills. But if they do,  they will not contribute to waste as they will be broken down naturally.

Following this philosophy, each product we offer is digital first and if physical it's biodegradable, eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and of the highest quality to ensure long term reuse. Check out our catalogue of products and reach out today to join our community of environmentally conscious companies. 

All proceeds from product purchases is used to fund our non-profit volunteer work,  so that we are able to assist smaller companies and NGOs in the capacity of DESIGNERDXEDRI

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